Childhood Lead Poisoning & Prevention

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What types of services are offered through the Scott County Health Department Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control Program?

The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control Program:

  • Provides medical and environmental case management for children ages six and under who have been identified with lead poisoning
  • Conducts follow-up inspections of the children's homes
  • Provide oversight to ensure regulatory compliance with state and federal regulations regarding the presence of lead inside of a home

How can I have my child tested for lead?

We offer same-day access on Wednesdays. Please call 563-326-8618.

Other times are available by making an appointment.

Is there a fee for the service/program?

The lead poisoning program screening is free for children ages six and under.

For information on the Iowa Administrative Code and Scott County Code:

  • Iowa Administrative Code 642, Chapters 69 & 70, Lead Hazard Notification Process & Lead Based Paint Activities

  • Scott County Code, Chapter 27, Lead:

Effects of Child Lead Poisoning

Any exposure to lead is unsafe, and children are at higher risk of its effects.  Exposure to lead can seriously harm a child's health, including damage to the brain and nervous system, slowed growth and development, learning and behavior problems, and hearing and speech problems.

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Homes built prior to 1978 more likely have lead based paint in the home. The Scott County Health Department can test for lead at homes where a child under 6 years of age has high blood levels of lead in their system. To learn about lead poisoning prevention, visit:

Photo of cracked lead paint