Dental Screenings

School Dental Screening Requirement

Kindergarten and ninth grade students are required to have a dental screening. Parents must provide a copy of their student’s certificate of dental screening to their school. Only the official Iowa form will be accepted.

I-Smile™ Coordinators can help families to get their children screened and to find follow-up care as needed. Call the I-Smile™ Coordinator at (563) 328-4114.

I-Smile™ Services

  • Early Childhood: Dental screenings and fluoride treatments may be offered to children at Head Start, WIC, preschools, and child care centers. Watch for consent forms at your child’s school, and make sure you sign up!
  • Elementary Schools: Each year, qualifying schools are contacted by I-Smile™@School and preventive services are offered.
  • SCHD Immunization Clinics: A dental hygienist is available to screen most Wednesdays. 


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