Presumptive Eligibility

Provider and child

What is Presumptive Eligibility?

Presumptive Eligibility (PE) Insurance is a temporary Medicaid insurance that helps people to get the medical care that they need while they wait to find out if they have been approved for ongoing insurance (Medicaid or Hawki). 

Who qualifies for PE Insurance?

To qualify for PE Insurance, you must be one of the following:

  • A child or teenager under the age of 19 years
  • A parent or caretaker for a child or teenager under the age of 19 years
  • A pregnant woman
  • An adult between 19-64 years of age

You must also:

  • Be an Iowa resident
  • Be a citizen or qualified alien
  • Meet income guidelines
  • Have not received PE Insurance in the past 12 months

Scott County Health Department staff can help you complete an application for PE insurance.  If approved, the temporary coverage begins the same day that you apply.  For more information, please call 563-328-4114 or visit Iowa Department of Human Services.