Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

10 Policies to Prevent and Respond to Childhood Lead Exposure: An assessment of the risks communities face and key federal, state, and local solutions

Health Impact Project, The PEW Charitable Trust


In response to recent lead contamination crises in the United States, the topic of childhood lead poisoning has been in the spotlight.  A team of researchers from the Health Impact Project of the PEW Charitable Trust looked at various policies in place to address childhood lead poisoning and the cost and benefits of each.  The team produced key findings supports existing policies that:  remove lead exposure from leaded drinking water services lines to homes that have children; removing lead paint sources from older homes of children from low-income families; making sure contractors follow the rules of the EPA when removing lead paint sources from homes; stopping the use of airplane fuel with lead; and providing services to children with lead poisoning to help them have better outcomes later in life.

These findings support many of the policies and programs currently taking place in Scott County.


October 1, 2017