COVID-19 & Winter Holidays

COVID-19 winter holidays with tree, airplane, plate images

Holiday Travel - Air/vehicle travel, traveling overnight

Recommendation:  During the COVID-19 pandemic, residents are encouraged to avoid travel as much as possible, especially during this busy travel season.

Guidance:  COVID-19 & Holiday Travel

  • Traveling Overnight
  • Air Travel
  • Car Travel

Holiday Gatherings - Hosting and attending holiday gatherings

Recommendation:  Residents are encouraged to celebrate the holidays with people in their own household.  Leave large family gatherings for when the COVID-19 risk is much lower.

Guidance:  COVID-19 & Holiday Gatherings


  • When to Stay Home
  • Location/Space
  • Masks/Social Distancing
  • Clean Hands
  • Serving Food
  • Cleaning 

Holiday Shopping

Recommendation:  Residents are encouraged to minimize holiday shopping during peak hours and at peak locations in order to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

Guidance:  COVID-19 and Holiday Shopping


  • When to Stay Home
  • Online Options
  • Avoid Crowds
  • Masks/Social Distancing/Clean Hands


November 10, 2020